First-time home buyers

When you are a first-time home-buyer, you are facing a tough decision. A tough choice to make. What is better to buy – a house, a townhome, or maybe an apartment in a high-rise condo?

Where to buy? In an old established neighbourhood or a new suburb? It is a lifestyle choice, and you need to answer some questions to narrow your home search down. What are these questions? The best way is to work with a professional (better full-time) realtor. It will save you tons of time and some aggravation. Though you can start on your own, and hopefully this information will be helpful.

Question #1:

What it the amount you can spend to buy a home. Find out your affordability. Meet with a mortgage broker and determine your budget.

Question #2:

What neighbourhood will work the best for you (and your family)? Make your own research. If you are new to KW, talk to a LOCAL realtor. Keep in mind – real estate is a local business.

Question #3:

How big is your family? How many children you have? It will determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that will be must to have.

Question #4:

What is age of your children? Do they need french-immersion program? How many years left till the end of the school?

Question #5:

Where do you work? Are you a commuter? Do you need quick approach to highway?

Question #6:

How many vehicles are in your household? Where you are going to park? Remember that Waterloo parking restriction are more severe compared to Kitchener and Cambridge.

Question #7:

What is more important for you? To be close to public transport? Or maybe to grocery stores and malls? Or maybe you want to walk to work?

Question #8:

How important for you proximity to your family that lives in the same city? Maybe grandparents would like to help out if you have small children?

Question #9:

What are “must have” features and “would like to have” ones on your list? Take time to think about them and put them down on paper. Talk to your realtor. You will find it very helpful.

Question #10:

Is it important for you to have privacy in the back yard? Would be absolutely necessary for you to live in an established neighbourhood with beautiful mature trees?

There are many more questions to ask, but you can use these ones to start. You can contact us any time for more information or for more questions to make a right decision for you as a home-buyer.

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