April home sales in Kitchener-Waterloo

April 2018 home sales were almost 14% higher than in March, but down 19.6% compared to April last year. It would be fair to add that home sales in April 2017 were record breaking number. According to KWAR president “KW home sales in April were as brisk as the temperatures”.

What was interesting to see in April residential sales report? First of all, an average sale price of all residential properties sold decreased 6.6% (to $478,600) compared to the same month a year ago. Here is more details for different style properties that were sold in Kitchener-Waterloo:

Property Style Average Price
Detached home $569K  (down 4.2% compared April 2017)
Townhouse $387K  (up 2.5% compared April 2017)
Semi-detached $403K  (down 3.3% compared to April 2017)
Apartment condo $297K  (up 10% compared April 2017)

It shows that the condo market in Kitchener-Waterloo hasn’t slowed down at all, simply because it’s the most affordable type of property you can buy.

If to look at April home sales over the last 10 years (2009-2018), we can see the following:

Year Units Sold in K-W Average Price
2009 470 $260,287
2010 560 $286,382
2011 459 $304,851
2012 499 $313,956
2013 510 $322,816
2014 484 $334,692
2015 539 $347,867
2016 593 $358,245
2017 665 $500,838
2018 560 $470,489

We can see that Kitchener-Waterloo home sales in April 2017, as well as average sale price in April 2017 were way above historical average. Why did it happen? Inventory! Low home inventory in spring 2017. When supply can’t meet demand we’re always going to see price growth. The number of active listings on K-W MLS System to the end of April 2018 totaled 993, which is 78.6% more than April 2017.

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