Should I sell my home in winter or wait until spring?

For most home sellers winter does not seem the right time to sell. Maybe it would be better to wait until spring when there are more buyers. The answer to this question will depend on number of factors. There are different personal circumstances. However, a personal situation is not the only factor to take into consideration. As a realtor I would advise sellers to look at local market conditions beside personal circumstances.

Competition and Inventory

Selling your home in winter, you will face less competition. Home inventory will be considerably less during winter season. Many sellers think it is bad time to sell. Some of those who did not sell in September-October will remove a house from the market and wait until spring.

Buyers and Motivation

It is true, there are less home buyers willing to buy in winter.  But those ones who are looking for homes are serious and motivated. There are reasons why they are hunting homes in winter instead of relaxing during holiday season.

Curb Appeal

Some seller will tell selling in winter, you will not have that great curb appeal. But who will have? We are all in the same boat. Use those Christmas lights, decorations and baked goodies to create a festive atmosphere.

Major Systems

Winter sale is a test for a home. All systems (heating, plumbing, the roof and gutters, insulation, etc.) are put to the test in the cold. As a seller, you have to use it as an advantage to demonstrate that home is in a good shape and repair.

You have heard already that real estate is local. Do not completely rely on statistics from newspapers and magazines and TV shows. Talk to a local real estate professional, get the best advice, and receive top dollar for your home both in winter or spring.


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