To Buy or Sell first?

Working as a full time realtor, I’ve heard this questions hundreds of times – what is better for us to do – to buy or sell first? The answer depends on a current market performance. We agree that selling takes strategy, and buying takes experience. Before to start your real estate purchase or sale, make sure you fully understand the real estate market in your area, and area of your next purchase. Only having this clear vision and understanding, we can strategize our moves in real estate market.

In ideal situation it would be more convenient to buy a new home first, and then to deal with the anxiety of selling. But it is not a real world for the majority of people. Most of us cannot hold two mortgages at the same time. The outcome -buying first makes move much easier.

Selling first, we put ourselves in a stronger financial position. This is important when we are talking to banks and other lenders. Using strategy selling first, we have to remember (if not to close on the same day) where we are going to live between the homes. What will be our temporal place? Rental apartment, hotel or basement of the friends or family?

Last 10 years of my experience help me add two cents to the topic. Before to take a decision to sell or buy first, think what option would work better for you and your family. If less stressful moving would work better for your situation? Or financial burden of two mortgages would be impossible for your family budget?

Some people need help in taking decisions. In this situation, my suggestion would be the following – buy first in a seller’s market, and sell first in a buyer’s market.

Need help in understanding the market, please call a realtor of your choice.

Would you like to know if to buy and sell on the same day is a good idea? Please go here.

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