Waterloo Region Transit – GRT and ION

The new public transit we have been waiting for the last 5 years is here! ION trains will start full operation on Friday, June 21 this year. It’s really exiting! Years of construction that caused lots of inconveninece to drivers and passengers are over. Last 18 months, when a train system was under testing, changed my vision on a public transit in Kitchener-Waterloo.

A new train system created 144 new bus stops, and changed the entire GRT bus route system. GRT web-site makes it easier for us to keep with all these updates. As it says “visit grt.ca/mynewride, and get familar with changes of bus routes”. I looked through this, and it is easy to understand and easy to plan your trip.

Changes in bus routs would happen not only around ION train system (phase One was built and starts serving K-W on June 21), but also in Cambridge. ION buses in Cambridge will begin serving designated route along Hespeler Rd.

Later this year GRT system will welcome riders to new customer service centres that will be located on King Str and Benton Str in Kitchener. Today we can find a customer service centre on Charles Str, Kitchener at the bus terminal.

Another cool thing is that GRT celebrates the openning of ION light rail giving us 11 days of free service across the whole network of buses and trains. Enjoy free ride from June 21 to July 1, Canada Day!

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