selling a house with pets

Any home sale requires a lot of cleaning. This kind of work will double if you have pets in the house. Pets affect home sales in different ways. Usually negative ways. First, it’s the cleanliness and ordor. Animal hair everywhere and strong pet ordor will undoubtedly reduce the home value. Also, it can be a reason for a slow sale. Possibly even a very slow sale.

Homes with pets will turn off a good number of home-buyers. And the reason is not only that some people do not like animals. Nowadays, many people suffer with all kind of allergies.

If a pet urinated in the house, it can be a long lasting problem for the new owner. It also can cost lots of money to remove that smell from the house. I’ve had several buyers who told me upfront to avoid showing them homes with pets.

If the pet is a dog or a cat, their presence will not only be abundant in the home. You will find evidence in the front and back yard. Dead spots throughout the grass and animal waste. It will take lots of time to restore the lawn. Or thousands of dollars that new owners will spend, if they do not want to wait.

If you are thinking to sell your home, and are a proud owner of any kind of pet, give us a call. We will make sure you’ll achieve maximum value on your home sale.

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